Interview with the Author of The Woven Bag, Noreen Crone-Findlay


Interview with the Author of The Woven Bag, Noreen Crone-Findlay – I love creative people, don’t you? They can inspire you to do things that you’d have never thought possible! Noreen Crone-Findlay is one of those people. She is an incredibly talented author, crafter, and blogger, and she never ceases to amaze me with her creations. Noreen is doing a two-part interview with me about her latest book, The Woven Bag: 30+ Projects from Small Looms (Writers Digest Guides). The first part is here and the second is at the Working Writers blog. Be sure to check it out.

In the meantime, enjoy this interview.I’m amazed by your creative talent. You are an artist, designer, blogger and author, and if that wasn’t enough you crochet, knit, make dolls, and do small loom weaving. (I’m out of breath just listing all that!) Where did your creativity first come through?

My mother always says that I was born with a puppet on one hand and knitting needles in the other. I simply was born as a creative person- I loved the dolls that I made much more than store bought ones. My mother and grandmothers were very creative women who nurtured that love of making things.What technique were you first drawn to?

Interview with the Author of The Woven Bag

I began knitting when I was a tiny little girl and the passion for yarn and fiber arts grew from there.

I have always loved to draw and to write, but knitting was my true entry point into the fiber arts. (Although sewing and embroidery came in a very close second and third). My mother didn’t crochet, so I taught myself when I was 18, and haven’t looked back since. I learned how to weave and spin when I was 21 and I knew that I had ‘come home’ to my true calling.Do you remember what you made?

My first business was when I was about 9 or 10. I would design and knit ball gowns and fanciful costumes for Barbie dolls and sell them to my classmates. I was able to support my yarn addiction from and early age, and learned how to quickly translate my sketches into finished pieces.I’ve been crocheting for 35 years myself, and just the other day had someone tell me that crochet was a “lost art.” How do you feel about that statement?

I just laugh…. they obviously don’t have a clue about the millions of crochet fanatics all over the planet!Do you have any advice for someone first getting involved with crafting?

Follow your heart…. listen for the nudges that tell you when you are on the right path…. your crafting should be the source of joy, contemplation and delight.What would you say to a long-time crafter who has gotten “bored” with their craft? How can they rejuvenate their interest?

Go to the book store. Go to the library…. books books books! Blogs! read read read!Tottie Tomato is pretty darn cute. How did he get his start? What’s next for him?

Tottie Tomato is a girl. LOL. [Editor’s note: Ooops! ] She began her life as a real live green tomato on our tomato vines. My husband brought in this tomato that had a nose and said: ‘You’re going to love this….’. and he was so right!

I immediately made a body and put a face on the tomato, and Tottie Tomato was born. She came on holidays with us, and traveled across Western Canada. I blogged about her adventures, (she even fell in love and got married). She had a loyal following and they, and I , became upset when it was clear that this dear little soul was going to pass on, as she ripened up and started getting squishie…..

So, I carved an exact replica of her head in wood and she lives on. The Stem on top of her head is the original stem from her first ‘off the vine’ incarnation.

People still write to me, asking me to please please please publish books about her, and REALLY I do intend to – but keep getting sideswiped by other projects that come up and demand attention….I love the fact that you create your own patterns and author your own books. You’re an inspiration. I encourage everyone to pick up a copy of your latest book, The Woven Bag.

Thanks so much, Cherie. I have lived my whole life as an independent, free lancing designer, workshop presenter and author (as well as 25 or so years of professional puppetry thrown in there, too…. LOL). I am constantly working on finding new ways of connecting with my readers, so I love learning about new ways of doing that!The Woven Bag is the 4th book that I have published with F&W/Krause Books. It’s available at all the online book sellers as well as in local bookstores.

I also have self published more than 40 of my own books, as well as heaps of individual patterns. I also present lots of video tutorials on YouTube. I used to publish tons of designs in magazines and in compilation books, but don’t do much of that anymore. Finding time to do everything I need and want to do is a BIG issue for me!

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